The shearing machine is made up of 2 hydraulic motors which transmit power to 5 or 6 cutting rotors through pulleys and belts to reach the safest and fastest knife rotation.

One or two of these rotors are assembled on the top of the machine (so-called "head") and  are adjustable by a piston from the tractor driver's seat.

The use of this machine does not require any changes in the tractor oil-pressure plant.

The top element (head) is equipped with a shock resistant device to protect the machine against breakages caused by incorrect movement.

Cutting type: turning at high speed the knifes costructed from special materials give an excellent result and very efficient cuthing speeds even through thick vegetation and resistant branches.

Assembly and removal from the tractor are easy operations using a suitable carriage with only a bolt. keys are not required.

Maximum safety for the operator: the knifes are protected with a casing that prevents throwing of splinters or other debris. Machine equipped with EC safety protection.